Product Samples

At alphabroder, we believe that samples are the best way to educate and engage your customers. Nothing compares to feeling a product in-hand, and samples are a surefire way to turn an interested customer into a sale. Our product sample program makes it easy and affordable to provide samples to your customers.

Ordering Samples From alphabroder

We are pleased to offer samples at discounted prices for nearly all products in our catalog. The process and policies for sample ordering varies for apparel and hard goods products.


Blank apparel samples are available to order online. Search or browse the alphabroder website for the specific product you wish to sample. Then order from the sample tab on the page, immediately below the color swatches.

Some limitations and restrictions apply to apparel samples:

  • Each account may order 50 sample piece per year.
  • There is a limit per sample order of two pieces of any style, size and color.
  • Samples are discounted at 50% for private brands products and a 25% discount for all other brands.
  • Sample orders must be placed separately from standard orders, freight charges apply.
  • Clearance items and products from some drop ship mills are not eligible for sample discount.

Hard Goods:

Hard Goods product samples can be ordered online and arrive decorated with a logo of our choice. To request hard goods samples, search or browse for the product you want. Then click the sample tab on the page, immediately below the color swatches, to submit a web request for that sample product.

Some limitations and restrictions apply to hard goods product samples:

  • Hard goods samples will be shipped printed with a sample logo to spotlight decoration.
  • Blank hard goods samples are not available.
  • Customers can use their 3rd-party shipper number (UPS and Fedex) to cover freight.
  • Hard goods samples ship from our warehouses in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and Gaffney, South Carolina.
  • Hard Good Samples will ship the next business day after the order is submitted.
  • If the color you selected is not in stock for sampling, we will be in touch with you.
  • If you wish to request samples of multiple hard goods styles, please email your P.O. to [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Spec samples include a specific logo, decoration method and location.
  • These can be purchased at 25% off catalog EQP for the product.
  • Limit of three per item number. Spec samples are available for up to 5 items (maximum of 3 pieces per item).
  • Full setup and run charges apply.
  • These items are non-returnable.
  • Standard Lead Times Apply
  • Spec Sample Orders need to be emailed to [email protected]
  • Self-promotions can be purchased at EQP pricing for the product.
  • Full setup and running charges apply. These items are non-returnable.
  • Limit of first-column quantity per item number.
  • Additional restrictions may apply on new items.
  • Self-promotion discount only applies to the specific piece that is decorated with the customers name or logo only.
  • The addition of other imprinted logos or names to the product will disqualify it from receiving any discount.
  • In the case of multiple items on one order; only the items with the distributor name or logo are eligible for the self-promotion discount.
  • Clearance items are not available for self-promotion.

Sample Advantage Program

Our Sample Advantage Program rewards qualifying customers with marketing funds to help you grow your business. By letting a customer touch & test a product, you're more likely to turn an interested customer into a sale. Every dollar you spend on our Private Brands apparel contributes to your Sample Advantage rewards next year.

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